The ball-and-chain of hungry curiosity

Explaining the flying fork imagery...

I like the idea of my fork traveling the world in search of culinary novelties, and I’m just hitching a ride.

My food interests are legion —

Collecting cookbooks. Testing my chops in the kitchen. Devouring food fiction and finding new series to binge-watch. Supporting unique small business owners. Hosting pop-up dinners. Making bread. Hunting down happy hours. Sipping on Italian Amari.

You name it…

If food and drink are involved I’m in, except for blue cheese (that sh*t is nasty).

Flying Forks, this newsletter, is how I’m attempting to make sense of and direct my food interests into something you, me, and all foodies can enjoy.

I’m exploring the culinary world by breaking it down into themes and series and packaging them up through stories and snapshots. Each idea gets its own little newsletter title.

To clarify take a peek at what’s presently about to come:

Subject Line: Flying Forks: the Coffee Chronicles 01 - title placeholder

And in the future, you might see this:

Subject Line: Flying Forks: Profound Peppers 01 - title placeholder

I’m not promising anything other than honest accounts of my adventures within food.

There’s a chair at my dinner table on the internet.

I hope you’ll take a seat and join me.